Get Your Kicks at Route 66!

Every week sends me emails about events in my area. A couple of weeks ago I got an email about volunteering for the Route 66 Marathon. As I had never been to an expo or helped with a large race, I decided to sign up to help with shirt pick up for the marathon! I know that a ton of effort goes into putting on races and I wanted to help with one as a way to give back for all the people who volunteer for races I run.

It was a bit out of my introverted league, but I made it through 🙂 I actually ended up help with registration, since the shirt pick up was slow. I ran bibs for a while, and then I helped check people in for the half-marathon. It made me so excited for running. Lots of happy attitudes and people full of energy. Good luck tomorrow runners! Hope you all have great races!

I arrived at the expo a little early so I could walk around and explore. Gear galore, for sure. I was good and didn’t buy any new running clothes. I got information on some races for next year, and stopped by the OKC Memorial Marathon booth and talked with Mark Bravo, a running coach whose affiliated with the races. He’s also the author of Momentum. I bought a copy, and he signed it for me. I’ll be review it here soon.

I’m now home, chilling with my dog. Poor thing was spayed on Thursday and we learned that someone shot her before my husband found her. It also looks like she might have to have some surgery on her jaw. 😦

Watching her on two pain meds is kinda funny though 🙂

Thanksgiving is coming, Thanksgiving is coming!

With three different families, holidays get super crazier at my house. This year’s Thanksgiving includes dinner with Mom on Sunday, pie potluck at work, dinner at MY house on Thanksgiving (First time hosting a holiday dinner at my new house), dessert at the best friend’s home, shopping, and I just got a text saying my other best friend is stopping by that weekend! I’m pumped!

One of my favorite pictures of the three of us 🙂 Spring Break 2007

Also, are you watching this show? It’s so funny. While The Office will always have my heart, The New Girl is gaining on it.

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Favorite quotes so far? I was sabotaged by my baby box, which means I will never trust anything that comes out of it. So that rules out having a family.

There is so much truth in that statement.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? And favorite TV show? I love a show with good quotes 🙂

Sweat Sushi!

Eww. That’s not a pleasant image. Post titles can get interesting. I like to use lyrics and puns, sometimes, but for this one I just took the two things I wanted to talk about and squished them together. It’s not always pretty.

First, I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Fitness + Community + Pink= three of my favorite things. I’m looking forward to connect with more people in my local area, as well as the blogsphere. Love it.


And now for the sushi part. My husband has been hounding me to try sushi for months, and tonight the stars aligned for a sushi fest. We went downtown, to a place he had recently been to on my brother’s bachelor party. We ordered a appetizer of edmame and he guided me through the menu. We placed our order, which included the well-know California roll.

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Our order arrived and I dug in, fully expecting to love what I was about to have. Right? Doesn’t everyone love sushi? And I really wanted to love it. Because it’s full of good things for you and interesting and grown-up. I AM ADULT AND I SHOULD EAT THINGS LIKE SUSHI! 

One roll, two roll, three roll– OUT. It just wasn’t happening. Maybe it was the mixtures of different rolls. Maybe it was the spicy mayo that came with one. By roll number four, I was trying not to gag. I took a few sips of my drink and tried again- with only the California roll. I managed to eat a few more, but I couldn’t do more then that. Jordan seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t a raving fan of the sushi, and I felt bad that I didn’t like it! But it’s something I plan on trying again. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

Tell me about the first time you tried sushi! Do you even like sushi? What’s your favorite?

a holiday running costume

Cooking and exercising have really been at the bottom of my list this week. The time change killed my sleeping schedule and I’ve felt awful all week– I called in on Thursday. But I’m on the mend as of today- ready to hit the gym and try some new recipes. Hoping to be able to write some more meaningful post this week– some that include real workouts and food!

I was going to start working on my Veggie Scheme plan this week, but instead of kale, Jordan brought home turnip greens. Ooops 🙂 Anybody have any ideas on what to do with it? I’m lost.

While I was at home, I started thinking of some ideas for my costume for the Jingle Bell Rock 5k on my birthday. The best friend had thought a “12 Days of Christmas” theme- but I don’t think we have a enough people to do that– at least not in the a group. So I’ve started thinking of other ideas to use, mostly just going through the big things that cross my mind when I think of Christmas. But I’m not really wanting to dress up like a Christmas tree or the Grinch. So after some brainstorming with my mum, I’ve decided to go as a gingerbread cookie! I’ve never ran in a costume so I’m excited to try it!

We’re still working out the details, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to include a tutu. It will be a fun way to start my birthday celebration.

Have you ever worn a running costumes? Any ideas for a Christmas themed one?

Gym Essentials

Some people work out because it’s kinda a minimalist activity. The right clothes and shoes– and you are set.

And that must work for some people. And my husband would love for me to be that kinda person. However I love the gadgets and gear that go with working out. It makes me excited to get out there and move. And let’s be honest, it also guilts me into it. I mean, have you seen the price of running shoes? Ouch.

Crazy true. And I was so proud of myself for getting rid of all those old college t-shirts.

So here is a list of  the gadgets and gear that I use to workout…

1. iPod Nano

I love having music to workout to. Our gym plans a contemp Christian station over it’s speakers, however, it’s just not what really makes me move. I did use an iPod Touch for a while but I find myself really distracted with apps. So the when the iPod Touch died (it was an old one of my brother’s) I opted for something without apps.

Bonus: It’s pink.

2. These Sony earbuds

I love these. They are comfortable and don’t fall out. I’ve also managed to not lose them for well over a year.

3. Road ID

I bought this when I began running outside, for several reasons. For one, I hate running with my phone. And for two, I have a real fear of passing out while running. I’m not a 100% on why I have this fear– I’ve never came close. But the Road ID makes me feel better should something actually happen to me.

I also love that I get to express my love of literature on my ID. I have part of this quote engraved on it:

Source: via Eve on Pinterest

4. Polar FT40 Heart Monitor

This is my newest piece. I bought it mostly for half marathon training but I’ve been using it so I get use to wearing it and looking at my data.

So there are the four items I always have with me to workout. What do you use? Or are you a minimalist? 🙂

Next Time

Next time I make a red pepper, green pepper and onion mix, I will tell my husband it’s stir-fry. On top of a sandwich it’s no bueno, but with chicken it’s okay? I was confused.


Next time I pick up a Rick Riordan book I will make sure I have time to read it. I love his mythology series and I bought The Mark of Athena last night. But I already started a book and have NO time. Le sigh.

Next time I feel like giving up on a workout, I think like this:

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Next time I blog I will make sure it has some substance 🙂


6 Things

While creating an event on Facebook on Friday, I started thinking about how much my life has changed in the last few months. Here are some things I would have never done, if I hadn’t made healthy living a priority.

1. Plan hanging out with friends based on races.

Luckily my best friends have picked up running, as well. Sometimes it’s the only time we have to hang out.

2. Try new vegetables.

I wasn’t the biggest fan. Now I get excited– especially if I like them. New recipes for me!

3. Get excited about the gym.

I’m loving Best Body Bootcamp! I love not having to wonder what I’m doing. I show up, do the workout and leave. The intervals are my favorite, mostly because I can watch The Food Network or basketball and not get bored while on the treadmill or elliptical. I get a bit bored with steady cardio days, but I just downloaded a new book to my Kindle (Thanks to No Thanks to Cake!) so I’m hoping they will go by quickly. Ready to start Week 2 of workouts.

3. Get this awesome present from my mum.

4. Worn a vintage dress to my little brother’s wedding.

I felt beautiful that night– my hard work showed off, and I got to enjoy the wedding without worrying about how I look. This was huge for me!

5. Create a Facebook event called “Jayme’s Birthday 5k”

Yeah, that’s happening. With group costumes. It will be one year since I started running– this was my first 5k race!


The year is almost up! How have you changed in the past year!

Oh hullo…

It’s taken me a little less then a week but I think I’m finally recovered from my little brother’s wedding. The last two weekends have been full of parties, food and love. Watching my only baby brother get married was awesome and my new sister-in-law is amazing. I’m so glad I got to be a witness to this– and hang out with some of my most favorite people of all time. Congrats once again, Tyler and Amber!

I didn’t think I’d be out of a whole week, but traveling, late nights and eating awful 😦 definitely took it’s toll on me. But I did do two important things this week:

1. Signed up for the JDRF Golden Sneakers 5k for this Saturday

The husband and I have been looking for a November 5k and the when this one came up I knew we had to do this. My husband has been  diabetic since  he as 18 months old, so the cause is near and dear to our hearts. The course is actually held on the same campus his doctor’s office is located. Excited to run and excited to promote this organization!

2. I joined Weight Watchers– for the fourth time.

I had joined WW twice in college and once shortly after I got married. The first time I joined I lost 30 pounds and felt fantastic. Looking back, I still ate pretty terrible. I debated joining, since the last two times have been complete flops. But they run a 3 month online deal, and after a 4 month plateau I need something to jump start my weight loss again. I have only been on the program for 3 days, but am finding myself saying no to little nibbles and snacks that I shouldn’t be having. I’ll write a bit more about it once I’ve spent more time on the program.

Now’s it time to go comment on my favorite blogs and listen to my Thunder beat the Spurs. THUNDER UP!

Naps: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Like I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I work a good 45 minutes from home. We take turns driving to work, but he always drives home. In the three years we’ve been commuting, I have usually taken that time to do this:

Most of the time it’s wonderful and I wake up feeling ready to move and GET STUFF DONE. However, every couple of weeks I wake up from said nap like this:

Source: via Robert on Pinterest

As you can image, my dear husband loves this. And today was one of those days. I could have very easily climbed into my bed when we got home and slept until tomorrow– and before really working on changing my lifestyle I would have. But I’ve been working on a couple tricks to get myself up and motivated, for those days when I have a cranky nap or just feel tired.

1. Come in and change into workout clothes– including shoes. Getting ready is half the battle right?

2. Make a cup of peppermint tea. It’s smells great and is invigorating. Can’t be sleepy after that.

3. Call the BFF and make plans to meet up at the gym. Having someone waiting on you makes it hard to say no.

4. Pick a random workout on Pinterest to try. But make sure you don’t get sucked into Pinterest. It totally happens.

5. Think about tomorrow. Won’t it be nice to say that you got such and such done? Ran a few miles? Did a hardcore weights routine? Kicked spin class in the butt?

What are your tips and tricks to getting out the door when you just don’t want to?

Keep Calm and Do Bootcamp

Last night I headed to the gym to do my first work for Best Body Bootcamp. I wore my new Polar FT40 and race shirt and was ready to hit the ground running.

Sadly, a little move called Scorpion kicked me on my butt. Second exercise in and I already felt out of place. And while Tina so graciously provided modifications for the move, I was bum and didn’t bother to check it while I was scoping out the workout. So I replaced the move with jackknives, to keep the workout rolling. The rest of the training went great. My husband came by and corrected on stance once and I really felt the difference. Thanks, love 🙂

I also felt the difference this morning! I’m not hurting, but acutely aware of the muscles that I worked last night. It’s a great feeling, truthfully. I’m not the greatest at creating strength routines, and I often leave the gym feeling like I didn’t do much. So not the case last night. I was dripping with sweat and I was TIRED!

I’m also in love with the Facebook group. Lots of encouragement and tips! I can’t wait for the next few months– it’s going to be great. I’ll be doing a “best of/worst of” post on Friday– just to talk about my favorite moves, highlights of the week and what I’m not really feeling.

Are you doing BBB? Tell me about your first day! If not, what move kills you at the gym?

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