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Naps: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Like I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I work a good 45 minutes from home. We take turns driving to work, but he always drives home. In the three years we’ve been commuting, I have usually taken that time to do this:

Most of the time it’s wonderful and I wake up feeling ready to move and GET STUFF DONE. However, every couple of weeks I wake up from said nap like this:

Source: via Robert on Pinterest

As you can image, my dear husband loves this. And today was one of those days. I could have very easily climbed into my bed when we got home and slept until tomorrow– and before really working on changing my lifestyle I would have. But I’ve been working on a couple tricks to get myself up and motivated, for those days when I have a cranky nap or just feel tired.

1. Come in and change into workout clothes– including shoes. Getting ready is half the battle right?

2. Make a cup of peppermint tea. It’s smells great and is invigorating. Can’t be sleepy after that.

3. Call the BFF and make plans to meet up at the gym. Having someone waiting on you makes it hard to say no.

4. Pick a random workout on Pinterest to try. But make sure you don’t get sucked into Pinterest. It totally happens.

5. Think about tomorrow. Won’t it be nice to say that you got such and such done? Ran a few miles? Did a hardcore weights routine? Kicked spin class in the butt?

What are your tips and tricks to getting out the door when you just don’t want to?


Keep Calm and Do Bootcamp

Last night I headed to the gym to do my first work for Best Body Bootcamp. I wore my new Polar FT40 and race shirt and was ready to hit the ground running.

Sadly, a little move called Scorpion kicked me on my butt. Second exercise in and I already felt out of place. And while Tina so graciously provided modifications for the move, I was bum and didn’t bother to check it while I was scoping out the workout. So I replaced the move with jackknives, to keep the workout rolling. The rest of the training went great. My husband came by and corrected on stance once and I really felt the difference. Thanks, love 🙂

I also felt the difference this morning! I’m not hurting, but acutely aware of the muscles that I worked last night. It’s a great feeling, truthfully. I’m not the greatest at creating strength routines, and I often leave the gym feeling like I didn’t do much. So not the case last night. I was dripping with sweat and I was TIRED!

I’m also in love with the Facebook group. Lots of encouragement and tips! I can’t wait for the next few months– it’s going to be great. I’ll be doing a “best of/worst of” post on Friday– just to talk about my favorite moves, highlights of the week and what I’m not really feeling.

Are you doing BBB? Tell me about your first day! If not, what move kills you at the gym?

Run the Mission 5K

Yesterday, Jordan and I headed out to Tulsa to run a 5k benefitting John 3:16 Mission, which helps the homeless and in-need throughout the area. We rolled out of bed around 7, hit the road and made it to the race with plenty of time to spare.

Especially since the race started 15 minutes late. Not a big deal, but I’m use to these things running on atomic time. But I was kept busy playing with my new gear:

A Polar FT40! I’ve been debating about buying one of these or a Garmin for a while. The Polar won out because I was really more interested in have a heart monitor over a GPS watch. Although if someone would combine the FT40 and the Garmin 10 at a reasonable price, I won’t complain 🙂

The race finally started and I felt pretty good… until I realized how hilly the route was! Not going to lie, I walked most of them. Some of them were huge! I was starting to get a bit tired when I ran into Jordan! Apparently  his new Brooks PureFlow were killing him and he stopped to wait for me. I felt bad because I knew he wanted to really to try and beat his last race time, but he was smart and listened to his body. Thank goodness of Brooks’ guarantee plan– we’re taking these shoes back!

At two miles, we were at 23 minutes and I knew I was definitely  going to best my last time and hopefully my best clocked time! We turned the last corner with half a block to go and I sprinted as hard as I could. I finished with 37,34 (Offical Guntime). However I was towards the back and started my Polar as soon as I crossed over the start and finish so I’m going with that time of 37.18!

My first instinct is to say I know that is slow– but I’m so proud of myself! I’ve pushed myself in the right direction for almost eight months now and that time on the clock shows me that it’s paying off! One of my favorite fitness quotes is this:

Source: via Jayme on Pinterest

I can definitely see myself getting caught up in the comptetivness of racing. However, for me, it’s not about racing. It’s about proving something to myself. So I’m going to take my 12 minute miles and celebrate my new PR. And starting working toward my next goal 🙂

Is this real life?

Yesterday, I got to run here:

Jordan and I work 45 minutes from our house. In some parts of the country, 45 minutes would take you from the middle of a city to end of suburbia. In Oklahoma? Two towns and tons of pastures. We had a couple of errands to run after work, like picking up our race packets for our 5k this weekend, so we decided to grab our running stuff and try a new place to run closer to work.

This is Tulsa’s Riverside Park and I love it. Running by the river is so calming and it’s marked, which is a big plus for me. I also like the fact it’s full of other runners and bikers– it feels much safer then the trail in my own town.

It’s also gorgeous. We will be returning her, soon.

What’s the prettiest place you have ever ran?

Running Quiz

I’ve seen this running quiz on a few blogs, such as Just A One Girl Revolution and From Ice Cream to Marathon and wanted to try it! I’ll be interested to see how the answers change in the next six months or so!


I really like these Cherry Blossom energy chew from Honey Stingers


Out of the 2 race lengths I’ve done, I enjoyed the 10k the best! Can’t wait until my half to see how I like it.


Shorts– but I definitely prefer the longer ones!


Water! Gatorade is fine for after a race, but I had some during a race once and thought I was going to be sick.


Can I say middling to fair? I hate the heat and cold! But I’d pick cold weather over hot. I like the gear better 🙂


I bought a pair of Asics when I first started to work out. I liked them, but a couple months in and my knee was giving me trouble. I went into my local Fleet Feet and talked to some pros. I left with some shiny new Brooks GTS Adrenaline 12s and I love them!



Eggs! Fried a bit in EVOO with salt and pepper. Yum.


When I’m running regularly it’s about 2x a week, but I usually cross train at least 2 day as well.


When I’m running solo I have to have it, but with friends I could do without it.


I love the racing! And it’s been pretty good for weight loss too.


Answer a question in the comment below– I’d love to see your answers 🙂

Creating a Home Gym

When my husband and I moved into our home this summer we had an extra room that I wanted to make into home gym. We had a weight bench already, and a old computer desk that could really be used to store weights and kettlebells. But once we moved in…well, stuff just began to pile in the room. :/

But then this came into my life:

Quickly followed by these pretties:

I ended up cleaning out the room and Jordan hung the bag up. Someone gave us a sleeper couch, and it’s made it’s home in the workout room as well. I love the comfortable and laid back feel of the room, but it’s still lacking a good amount of the content 🙂 I have a 20 lb kettle bell, a set of 10 lb weights, yoga mat, a stability ball and foam roller.

So my question for you is what would you put in a home gym? I want to start adding items so as cooler weather set in, it’ll be easier to get in a workout at home! Something to help get some cardio in, and definitely some more strength training items.

I know I can get in exercise without any of these things, but they make working out more fun, you know?

Best Body Bootcamp

With my half in April I have a good amount of time before I start my training for it. I’ve been going back and forth on what I wanted to do fitness wise with this time. Focus on kickboxing? Set some step goal? Work on speed? While reading through my regular list of blogs I was reminded of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! I read about it during the first round, missed signups for the second but I’m all in for the third round!


I’m so excited for this! The reviews are raving, and not having to plan a routine or spend time deciding what I want to do is going to be wonderful. It starts on Oct. 22 and ends Dec. 17— just in time for my half training to start. I’m looking forward to the motivation on the facebook group, as well.

There’s still time to sign up– until Monday night! Click the link above and let me know if you’ve signed up or have done the bootcamp before 🙂

Veggie Schemes

Oh, vegetables. I find some of you absolutely yummy and others downright gross. But even those I enjoy have a hard time finding a place on my plate.

I’m working on it. I know the benefits of veggies and fruits and I do work on putting them on my plate. But with my pickiness delicate palate, it’s usually the same ones– over and over.

Thus, my scheming. I’m going to make it my mission to try 5 new vegetables a month. If I don’t like them, I’ll look for another recipe to give them one more shot.

Up this month and November (I’m traveling a bit in October and my little brother is getting married- busy month. So try one will take place over two months):

Portobello Mushrooms

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a mushroom, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing burgers made with this kind.

Bok Choy

I know nothing about this veggie. Bring on the surprise!


I’m thinking kale chips.


Maybe some guac? I don’t know.

Acorn Squash

A nice fall veggie.

Any good recipes for these veggies? Let me know!


Racing Dreams

I would never have guessed that one of my dreams in life would be to call myself a runner. After avoiding most types of physical activity for so long it almost seems funny that I now have a running schedule. But last fall I made the decision to run my first 5k in December. And it changed my view on running.

Running the Jingle Bell Rock 5k, I experienced the community that runners make up and the excitement of running. I stood at the starting line, with 30 Seconds to Mars’s This is War blaring in my ears, with adereline racing through my body. I was ready. I could do this.

It was my slowest race to date, but one of my favorites. I ran with my younger cousin who pushed me through it. My friend, a longtime runner, came back through the course and finished with me. And when I saw the finish line I gave it everything I had and sprinted to the finish line.

It felt so good– to say that I accomplished it. To say that I was healthy enough to finish it. To say that I enjoyed it enough to do it again. And I have. 4 5ks and 1 10k later, I still love the thrill of racing.

I might never be fast. I might never win a medal in my age group. But while I’m able to, I’m going to race. I’m going to line up with the big group of runners and experience that thrill for as long as I can.

On Struggling

Source: via Gemma on Pinterest

Pretty basic, right? Eat healthy and move. Simple and to the point. But to a girl that grew up eating from the snack bar and had a freezer full of frozen pizza, it’s not that simple and truthfully, it can be hard.

I don’t remember when my eating habits took a nosedive for the worst. I’m guessing around middle school, when school lunches consisted of burgers and fries daily, along with a can of Dr. Pepper. Awesomely enough, that is also that time that PE was no longer a requirement and I dropped it like a hot potato. From then on I can look through pictures and see myself getting bigger and bigger, unhealthier and unhealthier. Looking back at milestones in my life can make me cringe and beat myself up– why didn’t I diet before that? Why hadn’t I exercised?  I hated the way I looked in pictures from some of my most precious memories.

My graduation.

My trip to Europe.

My wedding.

Most recently was a trip to visit friends last March. While I edited through my photos to put them on Facebook, the roundness of my face and ill-fitting nature of my clothes killed me. It hurt to even put them on the internet. I decided that night that something had to be done– to help my body and my mind. The self-hate I felt for my body was not okay. So I began to actually use that gym membership I was paying for and picked up a Spin class taught by my cousin. I calorie-counted on MyFitnessPal and made sure I had fruits and vegetables on my plate. I ate a ton of chicken, and made weird things like cauliflower pizza crusts. I fell in love with greek yogurt.

I also looked towards the internet for inspiration. Blogs. Pinterest. Instagram. People were braving putting their lives out for others to see and learn from their successes and failures. I soaked it all up.
And watched as I changed.

Me in march, closing in on 230 pounds. By July, a lighter 190.

But to be honest, the honeymoon period is over. I’ve plateaued… for the last 3 months. Motivation has left me, and while I’m currently working on restoring it, it’s hard. So I’m returning back to the beginning– exercise and clean eating.

But I’m returning with a new mindset. Before I was hellbent on watching the scale drop. Yes, every new size of clothing was a victory and I knew that I felt better, but I watched that scale like a hawk. Now I’m coming in with a little more knowledge on how to fuel my body and what healthy means to me. I’ve also discovered a love of fitness– running and kickboxing, in particular. And 201 days from now I will be completing my first half-marathon. This blog will be about my journey through the semi-known world of eating clean and the unknown world of thirteen point one miles.

Leave me a comment– I love discovering new blogs and commenting 😉

Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

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