On Struggling

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Pretty basic, right? Eat healthy and move. Simple and to the point. But to a girl that grew up eating from the snack bar and had a freezer full of frozen pizza, it’s not that simple and truthfully, it can be hard.

I don’t remember when my eating habits took a nosedive for the worst. I’m guessing around middle school, when school lunches consisted of burgers and fries daily, along with a can of Dr. Pepper. Awesomely enough, that is also that time that PE was no longer a requirement and I dropped it like a hot potato. From then on I can look through pictures and see myself getting bigger and bigger, unhealthier and unhealthier. Looking back at milestones in my life can make me cringe and beat myself up– why didn’t I diet before that? Why hadn’t I exercised?  I hated the way I looked in pictures from some of my most precious memories.

My graduation.

My trip to Europe.

My wedding.

Most recently was a trip to visit friends last March. While I edited through my photos to put them on Facebook, the roundness of my face and ill-fitting nature of my clothes killed me. It hurt to even put them on the internet. I decided that night that something had to be done– to help my body and my mind. The self-hate I felt for my body was not okay. So I began to actually use that gym membership I was paying for and picked up a Spin class taught by my cousin. I calorie-counted on MyFitnessPal and made sure I had fruits and vegetables on my plate. I ate a ton of chicken, and made weird things like cauliflower pizza crusts. I fell in love with greek yogurt.

I also looked towards the internet for inspiration. Blogs. Pinterest. Instagram. People were braving putting their lives out for others to see and learn from their successes and failures. I soaked it all up.
And watched as I changed.

Me in march, closing in on 230 pounds. By July, a lighter 190.

But to be honest, the honeymoon period is over. I’ve plateaued… for the last 3 months. Motivation has left me, and while I’m currently working on restoring it, it’s hard. So I’m returning back to the beginning– exercise and clean eating.

But I’m returning with a new mindset. Before I was hellbent on watching the scale drop. Yes, every new size of clothing was a victory and I knew that I felt better, but I watched that scale like a hawk. Now I’m coming in with a little more knowledge on how to fuel my body and what healthy means to me. I’ve also discovered a love of fitness– running and kickboxing, in particular. And 201 days from now I will be completing my first half-marathon. This blog will be about my journey through the semi-known world of eating clean and the unknown world of thirteen point one miles.

Leave me a comment– I love discovering new blogs and commenting 😉


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