Sweat Sushi!

Eww. That’s not a pleasant image. Post titles can get interesting. I like to use lyrics and puns, sometimes, but for this one I just took the two things I wanted to talk about and squished them together. It’s not always pretty.

First, I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Fitness + Community + Pink= three of my favorite things. I’m looking forward to connect with more people in my local area, as well as the blogsphere. Love it.


And now for the sushi part. My husband has been hounding me to try sushi for months, and tonight the stars aligned for a sushi fest. We went downtown, to a place he had recently been to on my brother’s bachelor party. We ordered a appetizer of edmame and he guided me through the menu. We placed our order, which included the well-know California roll.

Source: google.ca via Monica on Pinterest

Our order arrived and I dug in, fully expecting to love what I was about to have. Right? Doesn’t everyone love sushi? And I really wanted to love it. Because it’s full of good things for you and interesting and grown-up. I AM ADULT AND I SHOULD EAT THINGS LIKE SUSHI! 

One roll, two roll, three roll– OUT. It just wasn’t happening. Maybe it was the mixtures of different rolls. Maybe it was the spicy mayo that came with one. By roll number four, I was trying not to gag. I took a few sips of my drink and tried again- with only the California roll. I managed to eat a few more, but I couldn’t do more then that. Jordan seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t a raving fan of the sushi, and I felt bad that I didn’t like it! But it’s something I plan on trying again. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

Tell me about the first time you tried sushi! Do you even like sushi? What’s your favorite?


1 Response to “Sweat Sushi!”

  1. 1 Katie @ from icecream to marathon November 15, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Congrats on becoming a SPA!! 🙂
    Oh, I am in LOVE with sushi!! I think for some it’s an acquired taste. The first time I had it was at a Chinese restaurant- yuk!!
    But then I went to an actual sushi restaurant, and fell in love! I think the California roll was my least fave. I love the tempura ones, and of the course the ones with crunchy stuff on them! The least healthy! Definitely give it another try!

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