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Racing Dreams

I would never have guessed that one of my dreams in life would be to call myself a runner. After avoiding most types of physical activity for so long it almost seems funny that I now have a running schedule. But last fall I made the decision to run my first 5k in December. And it changed my view on running.

Running the Jingle Bell Rock 5k, I experienced the community that runners make up and the¬†excitement¬†of running. I stood at the starting line, with 30 Seconds to Mars’s This is War blaring in my ears, with adereline racing through my body. I was ready. I could do this.

It was my slowest race to date, but one of my favorites. I ran with my younger cousin who pushed me through it. My friend, a longtime runner, came back through the course and finished with me. And when I saw the finish line I gave it everything I had and sprinted to the finish line.

It felt so good– to say that I accomplished it. To say that I was healthy enough to finish it. To say that I enjoyed it enough to do it again. And I have. 4 5ks and 1 10k later, I still love the thrill of racing.

I might never be fast. I might never win a medal in my age group. But while I’m able to, I’m going to race. I’m going to line up with the big group of runners and experience that thrill for as long as I can.


Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

Actively working on a healthier life. Pursuing my fitness dreams and choking down a side of veggies at each meal. Married to Jordan. Teacher of wee folks. Lover of kickboxing, races, reading, photography and a mutt named Beesly. Questions? Email me at

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