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Creating a Home Gym

When my husband and I moved into our home this summer we had an extra room that I wanted to make into home gym. We had a weight bench already, and a old computer desk that could really be used to store weights and kettlebells. But once we moved in…well, stuff just began to pile in the room. :/

But then this came into my life:

Quickly followed by these pretties:

I ended up cleaning out the room and Jordan hung the bag up. Someone gave us a sleeper couch, and it’s made it’s home in the workout room as well. I love the comfortable and laid back feel of the room, but it’s still lacking a good amount of the content 🙂 I have a 20 lb kettle bell, a set of 10 lb weights, yoga mat, a stability ball and foam roller.

So my question for you is what would you put in a home gym? I want to start adding items so as cooler weather set in, it’ll be easier to get in a workout at home! Something to help get some cardio in, and definitely some more strength training items.

I know I can get in exercise without any of these things, but they make working out more fun, you know?


Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

Jayme (Racing Dreams and Veggie Schemes)

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First Half Marathon

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